DirectRT 1.0

DirectRT v2010 for XP, Vista and Windows7 is now available!

General Features and Response Times
- Timing resolution of 1 millisecond.
- Response timing is synchronized with the screen display so timing always begins when the screen first begins to draw (eliminates 10-17 milliseconds of random error).
- Works with Windows to pause all other system events while timing is taking place. With everything else put on hold, the highest processing priority possible is given to DirectRT during the critical time intervals on each trial.
- Uses Microsoft’s DirectX to gain the fastest access possible to input events from the keyboard, mouse, joystick and soundcard.
- Optionally define minimum and maximum response times and deliver custom message screens for each when violated.
- Collect multiple response times on a single trial.
- Collect key release response times in addition to key press times.
- Define valid keys for any response.
- Define 'correct' key for any response.
- Optionally require a correct response (see the IAT sample).

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